Newsletter September 2019, Issue 3 | Page 6

On August 29 FEAS 8th onsite training participants had an opportunity to take part in "Islamic Finance" special workshop held by Iranian Association of Islamic Finance.

The Association has been established In order to expand scientific knowledge and promoting Islamic finance and develop experts and improve the quality of educational and research activities in the area of Islamic finance. In order to achieve the foregoing objectives, the IAIF will bring the following measures taken:

• Scientific and culture research in the national and international level with researchers and specialists who work with Islamic finance, including capital market, money market, and the insurance industry and deal with other related fields.

• Cooperating with executive, scientific, and research in the area of evaluation and review projects and plans about the educational and research activities in the fields of the association activity.

• Encouraging and honoring researchers and premier professors.

• Educational, research, and technical services

• Converting national conferences as well as international ones.

• Publishing books and scientific journals.

"Islamic Finance" special workshop

Dr. Hossein Fahimi CEO of CSDI started the training and spoke about History, Structure and Regulatory Environments of Islamic finance.

Mr. Seyed Hossein Mirjalili, PhD Associate professor at Institute for Humanities spoke about Islamic Banking in Iran.

Mr. Hassan Baan, the founder and co-founder of 3 Islamic Banking Fintech companies and Founder of the first Iranian Asset Backed Crypto Currency Token, introduced the technological part of Islamic Finance.

Dr. Pireh, Secretary of Shariah Committee, introduced the instruments of Islamic Finance, particularly types of Sukuk. He also shared some details of new instrument based on Socially Responsible Investments (SRI).

Islamic finance workshop was the best opportunity to become closer to Islamic Finance.

Participants of workshop were solemnly provided with special certificates of attendance.