Newsletter September 2019, Issue 3 | Page 3

September 2019


She spoke about listed companies, the necessity of forming a market for small and medium-sized companies an benefits of listing in IFB.

Second day of training, participants were introduced with market details of Iran Fara Bourse.

Third market department specialist Ms. Hadidi Fard presented Third Market and spoke about Bulk Offering, M&A negotiation system, Intellectual Property Transactions, Underwriting and Retail Offering.

Issuers' affairs expert Ms. Mina Bayani introduced Unlisted Trading Privileges (UTP) market and spoke about Types of Companies Admitted in UTP Market, admitting procedures, classification of companies and disclosure requirements.

International affairs officer Ms. Maryam Ramezani continued the topic and spoke about Monitoring Issuers: financial disclosures requirements, listing criteria in quarter sections, suspension process, tracking released news, information and rumors, communication with issuers and shareholders.

Mr. Vahabzadeh and Ms. Mesgari from Trade department spoke about non-listed and alternative market operations especially about market systems, activities in non-listed market

theoretical opening price algorithm, trades and trading hours in non-listed market,

Intellectual Property Market (IP) and

R&D Projects.

Ms. Farokhi from Market operations told about Islamic debt securities and the training day was closed with the section held by Mr. Mohammadi Aghdam about IPO of Equity.

Third day of training was started by Ms. Neda Bashiri manager of structured financial products who spoke about Structured financial products and gave an overview of Sukuk market, spoke about Ijara, Musharakah, Murabaha, Istisna, Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS), Certificate of Deposit (CDs), Manfa’ah, Islamic Treasury Bills (ITB), Exchange Traded Funds (ETF), Exchange Traded Construction Funds (ETCF), Venture Capital Funds (VCF) and explained the unique mechanisms of trading by this instruments.

Session was full of discussions as all the participants tried to discover this unique market. Then Ms. Mirzaee presented about Market Surveillance and spoke about available surveillance applications to detect abnormal trading behavior, types of market making based on SEO’s approved guidelines.

In second half of the third day of training participants had an opportunity to have a special session held in IFB Surveillance Office where the team spoke about inspection procedures and gave an example of different manipulation systems in the market that had been revealed.

Onsite training participants visited "Mofid Securities" one of the biggest brokerage companies in Iran.