Newsletter September 2017, Issue 1 | Page 2

Frontier, FEAS Newsletter, September 2017 with the presentation on the stock market in Kazakhstan, presented by Mr. Valery Khegai, Deputy Director of Information and statistics department. Financial organizations, participation in international events, stock market products, listing structure and requirements, attracting new issuers and investors, developing foreign exchange market, etc. The third day of the training started with the presentation of Mr. Viktor Litvinov (Head of Monitoring division), and Pavel Karnaukh (Leading specialist in Monitoring division), which covered the following issues: The second part of the day started with the National Bank’s presentation of regulations, strategic directions, monetary policy and supervision, and was concluded with a city tour, during which the delegates visited the most famous and iconic places of Almaty, including National Museum, Academy of Science, city parks and Kok Tobe mountain. The second day of the training was very informative and covered various topics. It started with the presentation of Ms. Zhanara Zhomartova, Deputy Head of Risk management division, and covered the following issues: Exchange membership (categories, requirements) Remote membership (categories, requirements) Monitoring of activities of the Exchange members (disclosure requirements) After the presentation of monitoring activities of the Exchange members, Ms. Gulnara Baisenkul (Head of Legal division), and Ms. Yeligay Zhazylbekova (Specialist in Project management division) spoke about the investor rights protection. The third day was concluded with the presentation of Ms. Elvira Sarsenbayeva (Deputy Head of Issuers and investors relations division), on KASE’s initiatives, and with another cognitive city tour. Legal framework of the Risk management system of KASE The main objectives of the risk management system The main tasks of the risk management process Types of Exchange risks Investment activities of the Risk management department Business continuity management Etc. Ms. Zhomartova was followed by the following speakers: Ms. Ainagul Iskakova (head of IR), Ms. Galina Pak (deputy director of listing department), and Mr. Bolat Sergazin (deputy head of project management division). During their sessions were covered other important topics, such as cooperation with Exchanges Associations and International The first part of the fourth day of the Onsite training was dedicated to the topics such as trading system, back office and post-trading, trade regulations, trading methods, market surveillance, etc. The speakers were Mr. Abzal Kushaev, (Head of Trade systems development division), Ms. Nailya Dashaeva (Head of Organization and trade 2