Newsletter OFSTED - Page 1 May. 2015 - Page 2

Wednesday 3rd July 2014 OFSTED SPECIAL Term 6 Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4 Term 5 02/06/14 03/09/14 03/11/14 05/01/15 23/02/15 13/04/15 - 18/07/14 23/10/14 19/12/14 12/02/15 27/03/15 22/05/15 North Nibley Church of England Primary School, The Street, North Nibley, Glos. GL11 6DL Head Teacher: Paul Batchelor B.Ed (Hons), N.P.Q.H. 01453 542600 [email protected] Dear Parents and Friends, OFSETD’s INSPECTION REPORT 2014 IS NOW A PUBLISHED DOCUMENT – The Governors and staff are pleased to find that Ofsted have agreed with our own self-evaluation, that ours is a good school with notable strengths and some outstanding features, including some teaching. “Every pupil is well known individually, and this means their abilities and needs are well cared for.” “Teaching is good, and sometimes outstanding. This helps pupils achieve well”. “Pupils benefit from a wide range of educational experiences beyond the classroom.” Since the school was last inspected, the Ofsted ‘Framework’ has been rewritten 4 times. Each time the standard required for a ‘Good’ outcome has been revised upward, making a “Good” judgement harder to achieve. And each time we have risen to the challenge. “The headteacher, staff and the governing body are fully committed to continuous improvement.” We have achieved “Good” in every category! The report identifies ways in which we can build on this, towards making our school “Outstanding”. Further ways of challenging the most able will be developed, and this will form the top priority in our next School Improvement Plan. Please read the report in full. You are most welcome to discuss this report with me (and, in fact, everyone else you know!) A great way to end the year! We move on, from strength to strength!