Newsletter October 2020, Issue 3 - Page 4


FEAS Marketing toolkit summary

regulator's edition

In October 2019, Federation of Euro-Asian Stock Exchanges published the “Marketing Toolkit

Summary” aiming to show the available marketing tools for Stock Exchanges to raise the awareness

of capital markets in the country.

In addition to the first publication, Federation of Euro-Asian Stock Exchanges continues extending the research and goes much deeper exposing the importance of marketing of other capital market

player’s brand awareness. The marketing development of overall capital markets in the country will come with the development of each player’s marketing strategy. This report is based solely on the available marketing tools for the Regulatory Bodies (hereafter: Regulator).

The usage of these tools will bring a long term impact on the capital market in general. The immediate results may not be recorded, but in the long term, the tools will have their strong impact. These tools will also give substantial understanding on global marketing trends and their usage in the capital market, also some specific cases and examples where these tools are being used.

By implementing research and analyzing its results this toolkit is, therefore, aiming to partially fill the gap left by research and possible analysis.

This Toolkit can be used by individuals working in the Regulators, communication teams working within these companies, media representatives, outsource financial marketing companies, and

other individuals working in the industry.

FEAS Secretariat has recently published “FEAS Marketing Toolkit Summary: Regulator’s Edition” paper: the continuation of the previous “FEAS Marketing Toolkit Summary: For Stock Exchanges” paper.

This Marketing Toolkit is designed to support Capital Markets Regulatory Bodies (Regulators) to improve capital market visibility, promote strong Capital Market image in the country/region, and attract people to trust, work and invest in the capital market. The Marketing Toolkit includes an overview of marketing goals, as well as strategic priorities and the necessary action steps that will help meet the promotional and educational goals, which can also be considered as a part of financial literacy promotion. The Toolkit is a part of the previously published Marketing Toolkit Summary Report.