Newsletter November 2017, Issue 2 - Page 3

Frontier, FEAS Newsletter, September 2017 After a short coffee break the only-Member session Federation were discussed and approved by FEAS of General Assembly started, which was full of Members. discussions and new decisions. Firstly, the GA Committee Vice-Chair and Audit Committee were participants considered the application of a new prosecuted. Iran Fara Bourse was elected as a new member and approved Athens Stock Exchange S.A. Vice-Chair of WoCo, and Amman Stock Exchange, as a full member of FEAS. Athens Finally, Stock the elections Exchange, of Working Damascus Stock Exchange, and Central Depository of Armenia were elected as Audit Committee (AC) members. After the elections, the members of Audit Committee decided and GA approved Amman Stock Exchange in a position of Chair and Damascus Stock Exchange in a position of Vice-Chair of Audit Committee. The GA was finalized with thank you note of Mr. Farid to all Members for productive meetings. Secondly, the revised charter and strategy of the November 2017, Issue 2 Published by Federation of Euro-Asian Stock Exchanges (FEAS) 3