Newsletter November 2017, Issue 2

Frontier, FEAS Newsletter, September 2017 FRONTIER Newsletter from the Federation of Euro-Asian Stock Exchanges November 2017 FEAS 24th Annual General Assembly Took Place in Yerevan, Armenia This year FEAS organized its 24th Annual General Assembly in Yerevan, Armenia. The Secretariat of FEAS hosted more than 40 participants from almost 20 countries of the world. The Federation of Euro-Asian Stock Exchanges In 2017 FEAS held its 24th Annual General (FEAS) was established on May 16, 1995, in Assembly (GA), as well as its Board and Working Istanbul by 12 founding Exchanges. The purpose of Committee Meetings on 1-3 November, in Yerevan, the Federation is to contribute to the cooperation, Armenia. development, support, and promotion of capital markets in Europe, Asia, and the Mediterranean Basin. On May 16, 2017, during the Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting of the Federation held in Tehran, it was decided to move the Federation's Headquarter from Istanbul, Turkey to Yerevan, Armenia. After 22 years of operation in Turkey, the This GA was the first one after moving the General Assembly elected Armenia as the new host Headquarter of the Federation to Armenia and was country for the FEAS's Headquarter. of high importance both for FEAS Secretariat and for Currently, there are 36 members from 22 countries: FEAS Members. 19 full members, 7 affiliate members, 4 observers and 5 partners including post-trade institutions, dealers associations and regional federations. The first day of meetings - November 2, started with the Board Meeting and continued with the sessions of Working Committee (WoCo) Meetings. 1