Newsletter July 2020, Issue 2 - Page 8

As a part of the 7th Congress of Financiers, the National Bank of Kazakhstan and Kazakh Association of Financiers organized the Kazakhstan Exchange Forum at the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE). The event marked KASE’s 25th anniversary in Almaty.

The forum, on the subject of “The role of stock exchanges in sustainable development of the economy,” discussed the stock market, with emphasis on the Central Asian region. It covered issues of financing the economy through stock market tools, developing exchange infrastructure and promoting exchange instruments, as well as the financial market’s integration process, changing market landscape and financial services in the context of introducing digital technologies.

FEAS Members, other foreign stock exchanges, heads of Kazakh financial organizations, investment banks, government agencies, national and private Kazakh companies, representatives of Kazakh and international professional financial associations and international experts participated in the forum.

In honour of its anniversary, the exchange also held a series of KASE Talks to offer awareness about the Kazakh financial market and the main factors affecting its development to a wider audience.


Launching FEAS NEW WEbsite


We’re excited to announce that our new and refreshed FEAS website is live. Previously FEAS website has been updated for two times, and this it the third time that FEAS Secretariat is updating the website.

The website is built after a thorough analysis and research, to find the best possible design and solution for our federation: the core ideas that are put under building the website is showing people, showing faces, speaking about the federation with its member’s voices.

The updated site includes two main parts, one for general public and the second part for only FEAS Members use. The website is built using two main brand colors. The design is developed by FEAS team, taking into consideration global trends and federation's needs.

Within our team, when we are referring to our website, we personify our website and say that it's a 25 years old person, so FEAS website is: young, modern, trendy, enthusiastic, smart, and curious about trying new things, risky, who needs to be loved and who needs a lot of attention.

There is a saying that you have 2.7 seconds to catch someone’s attention and when it comes to websites, it says, that the average person spends 15 seconds on your website. So FEAS Website knows that it has just 15 seconds to deliver the right information to its audience, and it will do its best to succeed.

Feel free to share your thoughts about our new website! Your feedback is important for us.