FleetDrive 24 - August 2020 | Page 16

FLEET MAINTENANCE INNOVATION GROUP Innovation Group How has COVID-19 affected your business and how have you adjusted? COVID-19 is dominating the news cycle, our professional and personal conversations, and changing the way in which we conduct business. Globally, we are faced with unprecedented challenges having to operate in an environment that is hardly business-as-usual – ‘Accident claims management in the new world’. We are now well over six months into the new world, a world where we saw working practices, business streams and markets change in ways we could never have imagined, and we are now starting to see a new normality. For Innovation Group it is enabling our leadership team to adopt lean business practices, allowing for increased capacity to explore new business opportunities and to be increasingly flexible in our services. 16 ISSUE 24 2020 / WWW.AFMA.ORG.AU