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We're welcoming a new sponsor this month,, pretty amazing app

developed by dyslexic co-founder Nick Koshnick and his business partner Frank Corrigan. It's an AI-powered app for non-linear thinkers. You can ramble and free associate all you want into the app, it will bring order out of the chaos.

2 Chances for a Book Giveaway - Children's Book Series Every Day Adventures of Molly and Dyslexia by Krista Weltner HERE. And biography of Tom Watson Jr, the pioneering head of IBM who struggled mightily with dyslexias a kid. HERE.

Prefer to listen? Check out our AI-powered audio search dyslexia guides

for dyslexia and college, math, gifted, and executive function and


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Screening App is $79.99 and

available for children and

adults 7-70 years old. iPad,

iPhone, Android, and Kindle Fire.

The app may qualify for services such as Benetech's huge free library of e-books.

Bulk discounts available for higher ed.

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Dr. Fernette Eide