Newsletter December 2019, Issue 4 - Page 6

Armenuhi shared some of the insights and outcomes of the conference here:




WCIt 2019

Yerevan, Armenia

"Octoference" - that's how our Deputy Secretary General Armenuhi named the events' month. October started with WCIT2019 (the biggest IT Congress that gathered around 6000 participants, 100 speakers from 70 countries and followed by AuroraForum with the line of corresponding events and conferences. Konstantin and Armenuhi participated in both events.


yerevan, armenia

FEAS Secretary General Konstantin Saroyan alongside with the CEO of Armenia Securities Exchange Hayk Yeganyan participated in a panel discussion "Investments in Blockchain" moderated by Crypto expert Henri Arslanian.

More about the event here: CHAINPOINT'19.

FEAS mission is to contribute to the development and promotion of FEAS Member exchanges, thus, FEAS Values the importance of participating and partnering with the world leading events and conferences of the industry, in this way raising the awareness about both FEAS Member exchanges and federation's itself.

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FEAS Partner events

Mondovisione Exchange Forum

Octobre1, 2019

London, UK

Finance Mangnates London Summit

November 12-13, 2019

London, UK