Newsletter December 2018, Issue 4 - Page 8

kazakhstan exchange forum

November 15-16, 2018

As a part of the 7th Congress of Financiers, the National Bank of Kazakhstan and Kazakh Association of Financiers organized the Kazakhstan Exchange Forum at the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE). The event marked KASE’s 25th anniversary in Almaty.

The forum, on the subject of “The role of stock exchanges in sustainable development of the economy,” discussed the stock market, with emphasis on the Central Asian region. It covered issues of financing the economy through stock market tools, developing exchange infrastructure and promoting exchange instruments, as well as the financial market’s integration process, changing market landscape and financial services in the context of introducing digital technologies.

FEAS Members, other foreign stock exchanges, heads of Kazakh financial organizations, investment banks, government agencies, national and private Kazakh companies, representatives of Kazakh and international professional financial associations and international experts participated in the forum.

In honour of its anniversary, the exchange also held a series of KASE Talks to offer awareness about the Kazakh financial market and the main factors affecting its development to a wider audience.

On November 16, 2018, Kazakhstan Stock Exchange JSC (KASE) organized Kazakhstan Stock Exchange Forum “The Role Of Stock Exchanges In The Economy's Sustainable Development”( the Forum), The Forum was a part of VIII Congress of financiers, ran by the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan together with the Association of Financiers of Kazakhstan and KASE.

The Forum was organised on the occasion of 25th anniversary of KASE and the currency tenge. The program included several sessions during which more than 30 prominent speakers shared their expert opinions on the next topics:

Kazakhstan Stock Market: Trends and Prospects; Global Trends in Financial Markets; Integration Processes within EEC and CIS; Stock Market for Private Companies; Stock Markets and Fintech 2.0: Reshaping Financial Infrastructure.

The Forum brought together more than 300 guests and participants. The event was attended by several FEAS Members. eads and representatives of Kazakh financial organisations, foreign stock exchanges, investment banks, government authorities, national and private Kazakh companies, professional financial organisations, as well as international experts.

FEAS Secretary General Mr. Konstantin Saroyan moderated a Panel Discussion "Global Trends in Financial Markets."

"As part of the new development strategy, KASE plans to modernise the software, launch a central counterparty in all exchange markets, expand clearing services and introduce new financial instruments. Also, KASE is planning to expand the range of financial instruments supported by the MOEX trading and clearing systems, such as repo contracts with the central counterparty, options and the Exchange traded

fund," said Ms. Alina Aldambergen, Chairperson of the KASE Management Board, speaking about KASE's vision for the next 25 years.