Newsletter ConFEAS 2019 Magazine Report, Issue 2 - Page 5

ConFEAS 2019 Fact Sheet

157 participants


BVB is honored to have the representatives of FEAS members in Bucharest for a debate over capital market development and I am confident that good outcome will follow the conference. Stock exchanges should be an important player for economic growth and on the way to reaching this goal they assure the venue for corporate listings, the fair price formation and the transparency of trading. Moreover, the stock exchanges support the increase in financial literacy."

The FEAS would like to thank its member Bucharest Stock Exchange for being the host of FEAS Annual conference ConFEAS 2019. The main theme of this year’s conference is Financial Markets Beyond Technology. We believe that technology is crucial in capital markets, technology is necessary, but we also think that it’s not enough to succeed. Now is the best time to prepare for the future of capital markets industry, so instead of predicting, let’s prepare for it!

I would like to thank Bucharest Stock Exchange for hosting this event. I would also extend the thanks to the sponsors for supporting the event through their contributions as well as the distinguished speakers and delegates for participating in the conference.

This conference aims to gather the capital market

stakeholders, such as stock exchanges, central securities

depositories, market participants, regulators, data vendors,

issuers, etc. under one roof.

So, I'm looking forward to the productive and interesting

discussions during todays' panels and roundtables.

Adrian Tanase, BVB CEO, mentioned: "Convinced that the development of a stock exchange can't come without state-of-the-art market mechanisms and infrastructure, I am looking forward to attending the conference discussions over capital markets and the role of its stakeholders. BVB embarked itself in a recent CCP project which is meant to bring derivatives trading to the stock exchange. Making fully functional the lending & borrowing mechanism and the online account opening for individuals are also mechanisms that we are focusing on now."

I think we should all strive for the same end result - Strong Relationships, that satisfy the aspirations of both ourselves , the companies and institutions that we represent , and the financial community in general. We at BT Capital Partners are an integral part of the largest financial group in Romania but at the same time, in our kind of business we know that the future is build on strong relationships with both local and foreign partners.

On behalf of the entire team in BT Capital Partners we wish you a very warm welcome and I hope you will have a wonderful day of building relationships.

Ahmed Saleh Al-Marhoon

FEAS Chairman, Director General at Muscat Securities Market

Konstantin Saroyan

FEAS Secretary General

Lucian Anghel

President of Bucharest Stock Exchange President

Vlad Pintilie

BT Capital Partners Deputy General Manager – Sales & Trading