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ConFEAS 2019


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Organized with the support of Bucharest Stock Exchange, the event took place on June 14, in Radisson Blu Bucharest. The industry-leading one-day conference was full of sessions across many different areas of Capital Market field, with leaders of the industry and networking events.

Nearly 180 representatives from different companies participated in the event!

The conference began with the Opening Speeches of FEAS Chairman Ahmed Saleh Al-Marhoon from Muscat Securities Market, FEAS Secretary General Mr. Konstantin Saroyan, President of Bucharest Stock Exchange Lucian Anghel,Valentin Ionescu from Romanian Financial Supervisory Authority, Valentin Lazea from National Bank of Romania and Vlad Pintilie from BT Capital Partners.

The event included five panel discussions and one roundtable discussion!

The program included several interesting topics that are for high importance for Capital Market industry today, such as: "How Technology can Change the Future Landscape of Financial Markets" , "The Increasing Role of ESG in Capital Markets Development", "Solutions and Factors that Support Investment Inclusion", "Innovative Solutions in Registrar, Settlement and Custodian Business", "Data and Info Generation, Collection, Distribution and Analytics".

Adrian Tanase, BVB CEO, mentioned: "Convinced that the development of a stock exchange can't come without state-of-the-art market mechanisms and infrastructure, I am looking forward to attending the conference discussions over capital markets and the role of its stakeholders. BVB embarked itself in a recent CCP project which is meant to bring derivatives trading to the stock exchange. Making fully functional the lending & borrowing mechanism and the online account opening for individuals are also mechanisms that we are focusing on now."

Daniela Secara, Deputy CEO BT Capital Partners, the main sponsor of the conference, stated: "Being part of the FEAS conference is underlying BT Capital Partners’ commitment to developing the Romanian capital market. As a pioneer on the bond issuance market, together with the Issuers, we highlight the importance of the market infrastructure for a smooth closing of transactions. We are confident that the conclusions and involvement of the participants in this conference shall lead to further developments of the Romanian capital market".


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