Newsletter April 2019, Issue 1 | Page 9

Feas yearbook 2017 was nominated for association of associations executives award

Association World Congress and Expo is the

Europe’s most-attended event by association leaders & executives. This year, we were delighted to be a part of this big event as well.

Diana Ghazaryan, FEAS Marketing and PR Manager actively participated in two day event. We are very happy to announce that FEAS Annual Yearbook 2017 was nominated for the best associations e-newsletter category. Diana presented FEAS Yearbook Success Story during the event.

FEAS Members participated in the world forum of csds, taking place in marrakech,moroco

Every two years, the WFC organises a global CSD conference which attracts prominent speakers and more than 200 delegates from around the world.

Mr Hossein Fahimi, CEO and Board Member, Central Securities Depository of Iran delivered a speech during the event, saying: "The system was totally approved by all authorities in Iran: Securities and exchange organization, market authority and others. We hope it will become the only system for even other financial markets in Iran."

Hayk Yeganyan, CEO of AMX | Armenia Securities Exchange and Central Depository, said at #WFC2019: "I certainly believe the future will be about collaboration. In the meantime, we should be giving more access to local players such as investors who have long been outside of the picture."

April 2019