Newsletter 2021 - 2022 - Page 12

Course Highlights
Program Highlights

2021-2022 HIGHLIGHTS

Course Highlights

B ’ tzelem Elohim : Biblical Text Through the Lens of Disability Studies Dr . Ora Horn Prouser
Biblical personalities through the lens of Disability Studies provides access to new dimensions of their characters and the texts in which we encounter them .
Judaism and the Earth Rabbi Dr . Jill Hammer
Encountering the wide variety of ways Jews think about their responsibility for the earth , and considering the implications for our own life choices , leadership choices , and community values .
Science in Dialogue with Biblical Imagery Rabbi Dr . Jill Hammer
Exploring natural imagery that permeates the Hebrew Bible — trees , mountains , wind , and stars — together with related areas of science — biology , geology , meteorology , and astrophysics — to discover how we might read the Bible in new ways .
History and Future of Kabbalah Dr . David Seidenberg
Understanding the ebbs and flows of the history of Kabbalah while thinking about what Kabbalah means to us now and how might that guide the evolution of Kabbalah into the future .
Pharmacology for Clergy
Cantor Michael Kasper and Dr . David Aftergood
Providing a framework for clergy to understand the basics of pharmacology and their responsibilities towards congregants and community members who present themselves as in need of mental health services .
Scientific Literacy Rabbi Geoffrey Mitelman
Understanding science not as a collection of facts , but as a process of discovery , and learning how we can share these findings , from COVID-19 and climate change to genetic engineering and artificial intelligence , with our communities .
Teaching Jewish Peace and Conflict Resolution
Rabbi Dr . Marc Gopin
Introducing Jewish peace and conflict resolution studies for the purposes of Jewish education at all levels through peer collaboration , scenario building , and roleplay .

Program Highlights

Negotiating Clergy Contracts Abby Kelman
Professional development session for alumni and seniors .
Middot Programs : Anavah ( Humility ) and Hakarat Hatov ( Gratitude ) Rabbi Dr . Matthew Goldstone and Rabbi Dr . Jill Hammer
Cultivating middot to continue our development as spiritual leaders .
From Justification to Justice : Jewish Sources About Abortion Dr . Michal Raucher
Examining abortion narratives belonging to Jewish women who have terminated pregnancies and considering how these texts offer an important correction to the canon of Jewish sources on abortion .
Combatting Anti-Trans Discrimination Maharat Rori Picker Neiss
Responding to recent discriminatory laws and thinking about our responsibility as Jewish leaders .
Beyond Reverend King and Rabbi Heschel : Rekindling Modern Black- Jewish Dialogue and Partnership
Matt Fieldman
Learning about the “ Rekindle ” Black-Jewish dialogue program launched in Cleveland .