Newcastle Classic Bikes February 2017 - Page 5

Mahindra is a force to be reckoned with if you do as I do & watch moto 3 GP where they are always near the front with KTM & Honda so they know how to tune a motorcycle so they attract good young riders who can get the best from what they are given . This take over can only be good for motorcycle sales as the oriental folks push more models onto our showrooms for us to gawk at & the quality is going to be main thing besides price I am afraid we have come to the throwaway motorcycle era yet again .
Just ride it till it dies if you don ' t have the skills to do your own Services / Repairs bv the time the warrantee runs out best of luck getting parts , motor cycle services will run round $ 100.00 per hour plus enviro mental charges to dispose of your waste , rubber & oil a fact of life for our wheels that are now part of our lives .
Ok put the soap box away & thank to the workers again for the Bacon & egg breaky run manning the hot plates so us old farts can lob in late & still get a great feed . Some folks understand getting uprite before sun up is a task in it self scoffing down the days medications , choosing the threads for weather & style choosing the bike of the day making sure the helmets are charged up & working , loading things we may never need all part of the simple task of going for a ride .
I have been doing dumb things again so my back is reminding me its not happy & its letting me know that the G forces involved with sidecar riding is alive & well if its in the horizontal plane it protests , vertically its not so bad till you hit one of the councils nasty little pushed up tar humps they love to relocate on a new bit of good pavement . Anita & I sneak away at Teralba do a quick lap of Billies Look out to see what has been done in the new subdivision & its a beaut little testing place for sidecars handling problems if any .
Being the good bloke I am & Anita has just had a catch up birthday , I park up at the Trading Post antique shop & let her loose to browse through the beautiful old stuff Steve & Dee have on offer & as usual Anita finds just what she wanted its great as Steve & Dee live over our back fence great folks that put up with all the sounds that come from my workshop plus the smoke from time to time , BOOLAROO great place to live .