Newcastle Classic Bikes February 2017 - Page 4

Well when I found out that the Indians MAHINDRA had purchased my JAWA make but its only the name , I thought here we go they will end their days delivering Curry takeaways , bugger they deserve better than that .
For many years the Indians have built YEZDI a JAWA 2 stroke 250 single copy & have a cult following as several people transport devices up to 5 , load carting for livestock or produce just affordable reliable gear that could be rebuilt in the gutter for a few rupeeze . Many of the Yezdi spare parts fit my JAWAs & are of good quality & made in oversizes we only dreamed of years ago they just work day in day out reliable smokie devices that the GREEN freaks blame global warming on & any thing that will get their parasitic cause more air time as they suck off the public tax payer purse .
The other BIG news is MAHINDRA has bought BSA “ yes ” cant wait for the next 500cc “ Curry Star “ sports model to hit the streets it should be a hot one . The Indians they have been making after market motorcycle spare parts for many years for many pommy bikes also & good quality instruments like speedos , amp meters , switch gear Amal Carburettors , clutch plates the list goes on . Cloned from original parts that work better than the original bits did when new & they cost very little landed on your doorstep compared to stuff from the UK .
Their road bikes usually handle & brake well enough when set up for our conditions as their national speeds are round 80 kph with crowded roads & cows that have a god given right of way . The need for speed is not an option for you & your family , the old army saying “ a bad ride is better than a good walk “ rings true .