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2 0 1 9 | J . H A RV E S T & F RO S T BOWTIE | 61 900 b l ack 2930000 100  % m i cro fi b e r. This Bow is self-tied. It is expertly made for the perfect proportions. You can adjust it easily after your neck size chf 12,00 TIES. 1 0 0 % m i cro fi b e r. All of our ties are carefully crafted of the best interlining to ensure a firm touch and a perfect knot to the tie. We choose to make these ties in microfiber, as we had in mind that it is for hardworking people, and that the use can be a little bit rougher than normal fine dining. Microfiber has the ability to look like luxury natural silk and work like strong artificial fiber. TIE DOTTED 706 gre e n/ navy 2910100 806 purple/nav y 604 nav y /red 901 bl ack/wh ite 301 wine/whi t e chf 15,00 TIE SOLID COLOR 2910000 chf 15,00 TIE REGIMENTAL STRIPE 2910200 700 gre e n 800 purple 600 nav y 900 bl ack 300 win e 607 navy/ gre e n 608 nav y /purple 604 nav y /red 602 nav y /brown 603 nav y / wi n e chf 15,00 POCKET SQAURE 2920000 100% m i cro f i b e r. A perfect selection of colors to mix and match with all of our fine ties. Classical dots mixes perfectly with all patterns. There is a lot of ways to fold the hanky, take a look at our hanky-helper which comes along, for some of them. chf 9,00 706 gre e n/ navy 806 purple/nav y 604 nav y /red 901 bl ack/wh ite 301 wine/wh i t e preise : mwst nicht inbegriffen – änderungen vorbehalten prix : tva non comprise – sous réserve de modification