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2 0 1 9 | J . H A RV E S T & F RO S T | 49 j.harve s t & f ro s t club blazer MAN 29 6 1 0 0 1 46 – 6 2 WOMA N 29 6 1 0 0 3 32 – 4 8 600 n avy Navy blazer in a 380 grams heavy structured fabric. The material is carefully chosen. A mix of 70% wool, 27% polyester & 3% stretch, sets the blazer up to be a perfect working blazer. Stretch for your comfort and the mixed quality for less wrinkles. Fold it gently into your suit- case and it is ready to wear when you arrive. Again, no wrinkles. The blazer has nice and stylish color contrasts at the right spots. Show them or keep it as the modern classic it is. We call it the classic with a twist. Other powerful features are; colorful interior, AMF stitching and horn buttons. The gentle- men also get kissing buttons at sleeves, free handkerchief and a matching button in plack- et, while the ladies hold their own with a micro bowtie brouche. • 70% WOOL, 27 % POLYESTER + 3 % STRETCH. 380 GR/M 2 FABRIC. • COLOR. NAVY BLUE. • TWO- BUTTON CLOSURE. • DOUBLE VENTED BACK HEM FOR MAN BLAZ- ER- NO VENTS FOR WOMAN BLAZER. • TWO PATCH POCKETS IN WAIST, AND PATCH CHEST POCKET. • AMF STITCHING AT SHOULDER, LAPEL AND POCKETS. • SLEEVES WITH 4 KISSING BUTTONS WITH RED CONTRASTING THREAD AT THE 4TH BUTTON (MAN). • CONTRAST FELT+ TIE FABRIC AT BACK OF LAPEL. • REGULAR FIT. (BETWEEN SLIM AND REGULAR.) FOR BOTH MAN & WOMAN. • FULLY LINED. NAVY CHECK LINING IN BODY + SOLID COLOR NAVY LINING IN SLEEVE. • 4 INSIDE POCKETS (MAN). • HANDKERCHIEF IN CHEST FOR MEN BLAZER & MICRO BOWTIE-BROCHE IN LAPEL FOR WOMAN. chf 249,00 preise : mwst nicht inbegriffen – änderungen vorbehalten prix : tva non comprise – sous réserve de modification