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ON TREND Technology is a fast moving sector, with new trends, new technologies and new interfaces introduced at a relentless pace.   Flexible Packaging More and more customers are seeking new ways to decorate their promotional technology. As part of our review into the impact of our materials on the environment, we're introducing more flexible packaging options that either use less materials, use more sustainable / recyclable materials or can be used for a secondary purpose once the accessory is in use. Many of the options also provide the flexibility to be custom branded with a customer's brand or campaign message. USB-C Rapidly becoming the new universal connector for wired devices, USB-C is being introduced into all of our accessories for transferring power and data. We are phasing in this new connector alongside the still popular USB and lightning connectors. Wireless Charging The trend for wire-free charging continues at pace, and working with our partners we continue to introduce new accessories and applications with this technology as the number of compatible consumer products increases. Low Impact Materials As a responsible corporate citizen we are challenging ourselves and our partners to reduce the impact our operations and products have on the environment and society. One initiative is to increase the use of recyclable and biodegradable materials used in the manufacture and packaging of our products.       Many of our products are accessories designed to be used and enjoyed when connected with consumer products, making it simple and convenient to use our products as marketing gifts and incentives that will appeal to the widest possible audience. 41 2266 Xoopar iLo Wireless Dock