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Quality We don’t make low cost, disposable marketing products. We believe in manufacturing high-quality products in a responsible way. We use the latest manufacturing methods to increase efficiencies and the robustness of our production process and to manufacture products that provide customers with long lasting performance. Our ethos is one that provides customers with the confidence that the products they are associating with are reliable and worthy of their brand. Packaging We are collaborating with industry experts to review our existing packaging; how we can reduce the materials required to make it, how to use sustainable and recyclable materials and inks to manufacture / decorate and how to utilise the packaging to be a more valuable part of the product characteristics. Shipping We buy and supply in bulk to minimise the impact of our freight activities, working with our logistics partners to bring more efficiencies to the transportation of our products. QUALITY CONTROL & COMPLIANCE All of our products are tested to achieve the highest possible compliance ratings for performance, build quality and the integrity of the supply chain.   We understand that when your brand is featured on one of our products, there is a responsibility to ensure that we uphold and protect the values attached to it. The more compact we design our packaging helps to reduce the impact of our logistics. Where possible we also recycle and re-use shipping packaging to reduce our consumption of new materials when goods are in transit.   2264 Xoopar Squid Wireless Charging Powerbank 39