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" D OES ANYONE HAVE A SPARE CHARGER?" With so many devices now being used by us all in our increasingly mobile lives at work and leisure, it’s no wonder that our appetite for different power options is growing. How often do we hear "does anyone have a spare charger?". Our best selling ranges come complete with USB, mini-USB, lightning and now the latest USB-C too. Ensuring that no matter what device you’re connecting to, you have the cable to transfer power or data effortlessly. We’re experts at supplying portable and desk based power solutions. Developing more flexible, portable and easy to use options for customers with great branding opportunities. Wireless charging is now mobile as well as desk based, with portable power capacities now reaching upto 20,100 mAh which is enough to recharge a laptop. The ability to stay connected on the move has never been so easy. At a time when technology is such an important part of all of our lives, reliable and flexible charging cables and chargers have never been so valued as a promotional product. 37 Our range of cables is available in a wide selection of designs and styles intended to ensure that you always have access to a cable that is compatible with your device. 2079 Xoopar Octopus Metallic