New Wave Norway AS Dvice_AW19 - Page 24

mAh 360° SAFE, PRACTICAL & SUITABLE 180° mAh 360° WIRELESS CHARGING for any phone in any vehicle 180° mAh 360° m 2 IN 1 COMPATIBLE WITH ALL MAJOR BRANDS & DEVICES 180° Large front facing branding area and infrared sensor to grip any phone conveniently 23 Stay connected and powered up with this super-fast wireless car charger with automatic smart grip. Comes with both an air vent holder and suction cup for easy, convenient attachment on any dashboard. 0917 Smart Grip Wireless Car Charger - Infrared smart grip function - Dashboard/window suction pad or in-vent fitting - Wireless fast charging (10W) DIMENSIONS 127 X 70 X 50 MM LOGO AREA 50 X 28 MM