New Wave Norway AS Dvice_AW19 - Page 18

SUPER-CHIC DESIGN & AMAZING UTILITY 360° mAh mAh USB-C 5X COLOUR LED COMPATIBLE WITH ALL MAJOR BRANDS & DEVICES 17 180° SUPPORTS UP TO 4 DEVICES The iLo Hub combines style and function to make the perfect gift for anyone at work, at home or when travelling. Compatible with both USB & USB-C connectors, supporting up to 4 devices simultaneously and features a stylish LED branding area with upto 5 different illuminated colours. 2598 Xoopar Mini iLo Hub - 2 in 1 hub, data and power transfer - Branding on case or backlit panel - 3x USB - 1x USB-C - USB to USB-C Cable DIMENSIONS 84 X 54 X 10 MM LOGO AREA 48 X 20 MM (IN ACRYLIC PART) 48 X 51 MM (ON ABS BODY)