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Mr 360° mAh RECYCLABLE BIO DEGRADABLE MULTIPLE ADAPTER 180° COMPATIBLE WITH ALL MAJOR BRANDS & DEVICES A NEW DESIGN FOR A BETTER WORLD! PRINT ON BOTH SIDES 15 PATENTED PATENTED PATENTED PRODUCT Mr. Bio is our latest multi-function charging cable, fitted with a dual input USB & USB-C adapter and 3 output connectors to charge all of your technology devices. And it’s got eco credentials too! 2081 Xoopar Mr. Bio Dual input adapter: USB & USB-C - Made using bio-degradable rated plastic & recyclable cables - Designed with the environment in mind - Dual input adapter: USB & USB-C - Custom packaging options available DIMENSIONS 150 X 32 X 12 MM LOGO AREA 25 X 25 MM Made from Bio-degradable plastic & DuPont TM Tyvek ® cables