New Wave Norway AS Dvice_AW19 - Page 14

PATENTED PATENTED PATENTED PRODUCT THE BEST SELLING OCTOPUS USB/TYPE-C MICRO USB TYPE-C LIGHTNING flexible fabric legs tested for durability with new upgraded features The all new Octopus Metallic with stronger, more flexible fabric connection cables, metallic finish and dual input adapter to maximise compatibilty with all devices. 13 mAh 360° mAh mAh 360° mAh 180° COMPATIBLE WITH ALL MAJOR BRANDS & DEVICES MULTIPLE ADAPTER USB-C 2079 Xoopar Octopus Metallic 180° - Stronger, fabric weave cables - Dual input adapter: USB & USB-C - Custom packing options available DIMENSIONS 140 X 35 X 12 MM LOGO AREA 23 X 24 MM