New Jersey Stage October 2014 - Page 25

SHARE BUTTON By Gary Wien The legendary improvisation group The Second City is coming to the New Jersey Performing Arts Center for shows on November 7th and 8th with a show that’s somewhat different from their standard touring production. New Jersey Stage spoke with Kelly Leonard, Executive Vice President of Second City about the show and his upcoming book ‘Yes, and’. The Second City Does New Jersey: Paved and Confused is a show tailored to the Garden State. With our history of real- ity TV shows, mobsters, and industry I guess we made it pretty easy for you. I don’t think it’s a stretch to think we could mine some comedy out of New Jersey. I went to school in Ithaca, NY for a year and I think about 50% of the school was from New Jersey, so I certainly picked up on some themes. You have a rich political history, both good and bad. There’s the sports, the industry, the mob… I mean there’s a million things and it’s just a lot of characters and that’s great fodder for comedy. Advertise here for $25 - $100 call 732-280-7625 pg 25