New Jersey Stage Issue 75 | Page 147

Singer-songwriter Karen Mansfield and producer Steve Greenwell , gathered local musicians together from the Asbury Park , New Jersey music scene to record their version of the 1970 classic written and made famous by Melanie Safka . The collaboration is called The Asbury Park Love Contingent , and their rendition of “ Lay Down ( Candles in the Rain ).”
Vocals are Karen Mansfield , Emily Grove and Tara Dente ( vocals and acoustic guitar ). Additional musicians include Jack Daley ( bass ), Mikael Jorgensen ( Rhodes ), Arlan Feiles ( piano ), Jules Drucker ( guitar ) and Santo Rizzolo ( drums ).
All proceeds go to the Jersey Shore Rescue Mission in Asbury Park , NJ to help feed , clothe and shelter the homeless . Click here for merch