Neuromag July 2018 - Page 5

06 The Path to All Optical Neurophysiology Joe Sheppard 09 12 Three days of Winter School: Sex hormones and the brain Ju-young Lee 13 16 From science to data science: How do I best move to industry as a PhD or Postdoc? Chris Armbruster Science Snapshot Harshad P.A. 28 30 The Sirens’ of Odysseus – or Sisyphus’ Boulder: An ode to science and art Eduarda Streit Morsch What are your plans for the weekend? Laura Dudek 25 27 What is love? asked by Neuromag Meeting a scientist: Prof. Dr. Peter Heutink - How to find a disease signature in DNA Anastasia Illarionova 22 24 Robotic arms: reality or fantasy? Vinay Jayaram How to defeat bad work habits Johanna Salu 18 19 Pregnancy and the Brain: Behavioral and neural adaptations in a sensitive transition period Elisa Rehbein and Ilena Bauer Harry Potter and the art of narrative misdirection Johannes Kunath Hike-Bike-Train-Plane Stefanie Schuster 31 Neuromag team July 2018| NEUROMAG | 5