Neuromag July 2018 - Page 18

Neuromag asked: What is love? While our last question was one of ‘the 20 biggest questions in science’ (The Guardian), our new big question is rather one of the biggest questions of humanity: GA Love is th e ment. It is essence of hum an attac also one h- o man nee ds (e.g. fo f the very basic h u- od, shelte gest shou r) tha ld b kindergart e included in textb t I sug- en onward ooks from s.. e cat edi dby d to an on nd st . Love i s i dec on a e bad they s a r pers nd th when can i t ys e the a en lov p, i od MP me, o ano he go ne ev us u t alwa es t For rself ugh t omeo e lifts y is no ve do o o s u o h y m t r dby u. Lov rtainl ure, l e n the o sta et yo d it c for s s n tion of is t e ups out, a hing i S the sensa , g in k a e p s pamine, hav ck us one t Chemically xytocin, do sin. o m o fr t o s ate kn y, bu d vasopres ls love origin sterone an to s te , hemica eas quit. n e g estro ese neuroc t th f o n o o ti a n chment The combin er preference, atta n art ay more leads to p , love is w ily k c u L .. e riv SR and sex d ive, love ionary perspect ut an this.. ol th ev x e th le e p From com eling for th fe t an rt po im was and is an . Some ival of humanity rv su d an s es succ volved Laura and brains co-e ve lo Dudek k in th ts is - nt se scie ea cr in L e o th v as s, e or st c ce a n in our primate an to earlier couples be found eve primates lead e , rywher th of n ai br ss ing lple e means friends or ent and more he even s . Between pm b lo ve e de in in g hs as w birt t g s r in t e ange h nd lf in bo le g for o other-child ther pe ss and doing rs. It d an babies. Thus m d p pe lo r ve e o de p s ple. It c ared love that an be ome- the first kind of the stre food or just romantic love a nicely ng vi ol ev r a e fo t . Love k s paved the way another eeps h imple smile o suggest to be umans n ts is nt ie sc In at . th alive. rvival ease infant su cr in to gy t te en ra st differ mean that the sum, this would mantic ro , re si (sexual de ve lo of es ag st t to guar- ship stage) exis on ni pa m co , ve lo uity of life. we think antee the contin semir uffer when vived, s e w t n e om re love is a m r cells are er, all of ou h / to have t im n h a t u w abo ‘Love er we h / im h e e /her. s i when we When s an unta elong to him b e c n te is x m e our whole When we try to ed force. c w o n e t rol it, try to When it im feelin we try to prison it destroys us. , it en unde g los t r (Paul s o Coe and confu stand it, it laves us. lho) sed.’ leave s us 18 | NEUROMAG |July 2018 Renee Hartig Love is a natural feeling that cannot al- ways be suppressed, sometimes we have conscious control over the feelings of love and other times these feelings rise from our hearts without any conscious thou ght at all. Thank god for love – that we re- member this world is not just full of hate , that there are good people and compas- sion exists. JH Love is an innate fire, so hot that it burns away the dirt of our rationality to leave a pure golden nugg et of sentiment th at out- shines every star in the universe.....W hen burning we can become a lightho use of happiness and cr eativity and reve al the most genuinely go od sides of human kind. But so infinitely hot can the fire be come that it blinds our eyes, numbs our senses and burns our he art to ashes. We be come heartbroken, sick of our own life or devas- tators of other pe ople’s lifes. here is only one sure thing: th ere is no cure to love and no vaccinatio n available to be come immune...And th ere is indeed so much room for love ever y day that goes be yond romantic love bu t is often preven ted by the grip of though ts revolving around our- selves. The less self-possessed w e be- come, the more sp ace opens for tru e love. Check out our website blog.