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As a recent paper by Jiang et al (2014) showed, measurements such as clas- sifier accuracy have almost no corre- lation with success completing real- world tasks. Thus, the field stands at an odd crossroads. The machine learners, using their tried-and-true methodol- ogy, can report ever increasing accu- racies when processing the data like a standard machine learning task. The prosthetic producers and users, how- ever, often find that these larger num- bers in academic papers don’t actually translate into less frustrating devices, and turn back to the traditional engi- neering and neuroscience combination that got them most of the way here. Machine learning now has the task of needing to rework its methodology to fit this new task if it wants to be rel- evant for this field; if it does not, it’s likely that Luke’s hand will remain, for the moment, where it is – in a galaxy far, far away. Bibliography Jiang, Ning, et al. “Is accurate mapping of EMG signals on kinematics needed for precise online myoelectric control?.” IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Reha- bilitation Engineering 22.3 (2014): 549-558. Vinay Jayaram is a PhD student affiliated with the Graduate Training Center for Neuroscience and the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems in Tübingen, Germany Images are open source from Since you are here... NeNa organizers invite you to join the 19th Conference of Junior Neuroscientists of Tübingen between 24th - 26th of September in the Black Forest. Registration is now open! NICKY CLAYTON HUIB MANSVELDER CLIVE WILKINS NeNa 2018 "7 Myths of Memory" NeNa, a small and great conference. My first participation last year let me experience a very intimate atmosphere with relaxed but excit- ing presentations and discussions – especially the lunch table discussions with the keynote speakers. Looking forward to next time! -Marius Goerner At NeNa I met colleagues who are truly pas- sionate about their work. I was inspired by all the NeNa participants to keep doing science and now I am sure that neuroscience is the field of study where I belong. Looking forward for next NeNa! -Polina Krivykh (International Attendee) The NeNa experience was very refreshing and useful! The conference was a kind of an escape from the real world, with its nice location in the heart of the Black Forest. During the con- ference a favorable learning environment was created where a lot of discussion and sharing took place. -Anastasia Lado (International Attendee) "A Cellular Basis of Human Intelligence" 19 th Conference of Junior Neuroscientists of Tübingen 24 to 26 September 2018 - Schramberg (Black Forest) NeNa conference was a very rich experience. I got to know very interesting people with fascinating projects. The talks were very well prepared and I enjoyed specially one of the keynote lecturers: Suzana Herculano. In addi- tion, stay three days in the Schabia’s enchant- ing Black Forest made everything even more charming. A plus for the organizers. - Inma Soldado Magraner July 2018 | NEUROMAG | 15