Networks Europe Sept-Oct 2018 | Page 16

16 AISLE CONTAINMENT Finding the best fit By Lars Strong Senior Engineer & Company Science Officer, Upsite Technologies Key considerations when implementing containment strategies in the data centre Data centre aisle containment has gone mainstream over the past decade, which has led to widespread implementation and adoption by many sites. In fact, according to a recent survey by the Uptime Institute, 80% of sites have implemented either hot or cold aisle containment. While the survey represented mostly larger facilities, many medium and small facilities have either implemented or are considering some form of containment. However, although containment is experiencing a high rate of adoption, many people are still unaware of the different options and strategies available to them. Hot vs cold aisle containment When it comes to containment strategies, the most common confusion is usually regarding whether it’s better to contain the hot or the cold aisle. One thing to keep in mind is that the goal of both hot and cold aisle containment is the same: to separate the flow path of the conditioned air from the exhaust air so that changes can be made to reduce operating cost, reduce PUE, and to of course, increase cooling capacity.