Networks Europe Jul-Aug 2019 - Page 6

06 NEWS IN BRIEF Networks Europe helps you to understand the art of the possible as the news desk highlights some of the stories currently catching their attention. Digital Realty re-establishes presence in Paris Digital Realty has recently closed on the acquisition of a 3.5-acre land parcel located in Ferriers-en- Brie, east of Paris. Environmental and operational building permits are currently in place, and Digital Realty will immediately commence construction on a new, 12megawatt data centre. Given local supply constraints and rapidly growing enterprise colocation and hyperscale customer demand, Paris is an attractive connectivity hub poised for significant growth, and Digital Realty is delighted to re-establish a strong foothold in this key global metro in France. The parcel was acquired for approximately $6.9 million, expediting Digital Realty’s re-entry into Paris and marking the first step of continued investment in this growing, top-tier European data centre metro. “Our investment strategy has always been customer-driven, as demonstrated by the global footprint of our more than 200 data centres across 14 countries on five continents,” says Digital Realty Chief Executive Officer A. William Stein. Digital Realty operates a growing network of industry-leading data centres across Europe, located in Amsterdam, Dublin, London, Geneva, Frankfurt and Manchester. n NETWORKS EUROPE The magazine for network and data centre professionals IDEAL Networks Launches LanTEK IV – the future of cable certification The new LanTEK IV is a copper and fibre cable certifier that provides a unique way to certify, bringing a new standard to the industry. LanTEK IV technology provides faster test times. Engineers and technicians can conduct and save a Cat6A test within seven seconds, assisted by the intuitive user interface and easy to use high-resolution touchscreen. In addition, the tester’s enhanced functionality certifies links up to Cat8, including TCL and Resistance Unbalance and will sweep to 3000MHz providing room for future ratified ISO and TIA test standards. LanTEK IV also provides the patent- pending VisiLINQ permanent link adapter, a new and unique way to test that allows users to initiate testing and view the results without even needing to hold the certifier. This allows technicians to work smarter, saving time and increasing productivity. The RJ45 tip on the VisiLINQ Permanent Link Modules is also field replaceable. “For years, some technicians have believed there is only one choice in this category, but LanTEK IV offers a better way, making the job faster, easier and more profitable,” says Tim Widdershoven, Marketing Director for IDEAL Networks. “This is not just a ‘re-badging’ exercise but an entirely new, future-proof approach to cable certification.” For example, the tough new LanTEK IV cable certifier can connect to Wi-Fi and to the new IDEAL AnyWARE Cloud test management system to enable real-time collaboration between Project Managers and Field Technicians. This new functionality enables project information and test set- up to be pre-configured, saving time and eliminating potentially costly set-up errors. IDEAL AnyWARE Cloud also makes it quicker and easier than ever to prepare and share reports for customers and warranties. n