Networks Europe Jul-Aug 2019 - Page 40

40 SD-WAN Beyond base level By Nick Sacke, Head of IoT and Products at Comms365 SD-WAN security is strong but additional security protocols may still be required Digital transformation has enabled businesses of all sizes to create new ways of achieving operational efficiencies. But just as technology has enabled business strategy to evolve, so too have the risks to security. With data breaches and ransomware attacks now a daily occurrence for businesses of all sizes across the world, security is a critical component for businesses to address from the start. According to research from Global Market Insights, the SD-WAN market will grow at a 60% compound annual growth rate from 2018 to 2025 – demonstrating how the adoption of the technology is rapidly increasing. However, as with the implementation of any new technology, the risks to security must be considered. High levels of security are essential for SD-WAN, in particular, as in many cases the network is built across public infrastructure, which could potentially leave data exposed and vulnerable to threats. The first design of SD-WAN was a building block approach, comprising of a router, adding a firewall and further equipment to ensure security. With the advent of a software approach to SD-WAN, sophisticated security features are built-in from the start, ensuring that at a base level it includes industrial-grade encryption and a set of tools to manage the end to end security over a public