Networks Europe Jul-Aug 2019 - Page 4 MegaLine Connect100 ® Class E A links over 100 m in length MegaLine® U/UTP unshielded MegaLine® S/FTP shielded Anyone who has ever been confronted with Class E A links >100 m in the channel will be familiar with the problem of attenuation, pair cross talk and signal distribution speed. Since the length of a link is no longer an exclusion criterion for measurements, links > 100 m can now be measured as PASS. In order to achieve optimum success, care should be taken to ensure to use the right components. Otherwise the process can quickly result in frustration and additional costs. In addition, long links should be carefully planned and their usefulness assessed. The QR-codes forwards you to more informations about the feasibility of an extra-long link >> Data Communication & Networks · [email protected]