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CONTENTS 03 06 News 12 Environmental Considerations When purchasing a UPS there’s much more to consider than simply specs, price and reputation. An UPS’s green credentials are just as important… 16 Network management How companies can gain a competitive edge on a level technological playing field... 12 20 Dealing with data If data really is the new oil, how much more valuable has data become in recent years? 22 Calm before the storm On the anniversary of GDPR £56m of fines have been issued already, so where are businesses going wrong? 24 5G and the data centre How the arrival of 5G networks and related services will affect data centres in the near future 28 Healthcare networks Considerations that must be made when deploying dedicated networks for healthcare environments… 22 32 Optimal conditions A look at what constitutes a poor UPS environment and how this can ultimately be avoided... 34 Unlocking the full power of 5G IT administrators need to learn why containerised micro data centres will allow them to tap into the potential of superfast 5G 38 Supporting the industry Solving the toughest technical and financial test equipment challenges to ensure data centre managers have the network overview they need 34 40 Beyond base level SD-WAN security is strong but additional security protocols may still be required 44 Transforming networks The introduction of 5G networks is set to revolutionise the way enterprises connect to networks 46 Tackling Frustrations Using software-defined wide area networking to achieve more secure, flexible and efficient networks 40 48 Directory NETWORKS EUROPE George Court, Bartholomew’s Walk, Ely CB7 4JW Tel 01353 771460 Published by: LGN Media LTD CEO: Ian Titchener Creative Director: Andrew Beavis Editor: James Abbott Director of Events: Rachel Titchener The views expressed in the articles and technical papers are those of the authors and are not endorsed by the publishers. The author and publisher, and its officers and employees, do not accept any liability for any errors that may have occurred, or for any reliance on their contents. All trademarks and brandnames are respected within our publication. However, the publishers accept no responsibility for any inadvertent misuse that may occur. This publication is protected by copyright © 2019 and accordingly must not be reproduced in any medium. All rights reserved. Networks Europe stories, news, know-how? Please submit to [email protected] including high resolution (300dpi+ CMYK) images.