Networks Europe Jul-Aug 2019 - Page 26

26 THE DATA CENTRE OF TOMORROW growth of data running through them. This is where the data centre comes in. Data centres will be at the heart of 5G networks, housing and supporting providers who are spinning and crunching zettabytes of data in real-time. Not surprisingly, many data centre providers have already anticipated the arrival of 5G and are bolstering their infrastructure and supporting businesses as they configure their new 5G networks. 5G and the edge To alleviate some of the anticipated pressures on networks, part of the solution lies in the recent growth in micro or regional data centres. Chances are, if you’re in discussions about 5G, the edge will be part of them. It’s been on the horizon for a number of years now, however, 5G deployments and the proliferation of IoT devices will be key drivers behind it. Simply put, the closer the data is being processed and delivered to the end user, the higher the connection speed and the lower the latency. This will be fundamental for smart homes and autonomous cars in particular, which will run over 5G networks and will require superfast connections for situational awareness and critical decision making. Despite the growing emphasis on the edge, there will always be a need for a central, core data centre that can handle the complex processing tasks that certain 5G applications require. Though, to enable edge computing, these data centres will need to be strategically located close to the critical mass. Having a remote data centre hundreds of miles away is no longer going to cut it. However, for both larger enterprises and small to mid-size E V O L V I N G A N D I N N O V A T I FOLLOW TOMORROWS FUTURE TODAY AT: CANNONTECH.CO.UK 19” Racks & Cabinets I n te g ra te d O u td o o r Cabinets Hot/Cold Aisle Cocooning DOWNLOAD OUR LATEST BROCHURES AT: CANNONTECH.CO.UK Water/DX & Free Cooling FOR A COPY OF OU QUALITY | RELIABILITY | EFFICIENCY | CUS