Network Communications News (NCN) June 2016 | Page 32

UPS & power management

The right choice

In today ’ s data driven society it is vital to choose the right UPS in order to adequately protect your infrastructure . Leo Craig of Riello looks at some of the key considerations when selecting a UPS for the cloud generation .

Some say the 1970s and 1980s were the era of electronics development and the 1990s the age of software development . So what do we call the 2000s and beyond ? Many believe this is the era of cloud data as we live in a world with vast amounts of information being stored , managed and processed in ‘ the cloud ’.

Consumers are becoming more information hungry than ever – devouring social media applications , shopping , banking and working online . More and more businesses are also adopting cloud services – indeed , research from the Cloud Industry Forum ( CIF ) showed that the number of organisations using cloud services is likely to increase from 78 per cent this year to 85 per cent by 2018 . With the growth of the digital economy showing no signs of slowing , it is essential that this data is protected .
To this effect , having an uninterruptible power supply ( UPS ) in place is now a must for businesses who can ’ t afford to lose vital information in the event of a power outage . The UPS forms a key part of any IT infrastructure