Network Communications News (NCN) December 2016 | Page 2

INTELLIGENT R&MinteliPhy – Automated Infrastructure Management by R&M Manually managed infrastructure data has a 10% error rate*, 20-40% of ports in a network are forgotten over time**. The automated R&MinteliPhy solution continuously monitors each connection in one or more data centres or local networks, a (remote) central server records cabling status. The AIMbased solution offers functions for management, analysis as well as planning cabling and network cabinets. R&MinteliPhy is easy to retrofit and can halve network monitoring and management costs. When new devices are integrated or changes made updates are automatically generated.Unused patch panels and ports in active equipment are instantly detected. Data can be traced in real time with a PC or smartphone, faulty connections are located in seconds. More info: [email protected] * Source: Watson & Fulton ** Source: Frost & Sullivan Untitled-3 1 02/12/2016 11:12