Network Achievements Report 2020 - Page 7


Our sincere gratitude is expressed to all partner organizations and associations who supported the High-Level Meeting in Doha through the organization of twelve excellent , thoughtprovoking breakout sessions , including the Iberoamerican Commission on Judicial Ethics ; the International Bar Association ; the Group of States against Corruption ; the Due Process of Law Foundation ; the Democratic Governance and Rights Unit of the University of Cape Town ; the Judiciary of Brazil ; the American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative ; Afrobarometer ; the World Justice Project ; the Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law ; the Commonwealth Judicial Education Institute ; the National Center for State Courts ; the CEELI Institute ; the Justice Studies Centre of the Americas ; the Commonwealth Magistrates ’ and Judges ’ Association ; the International Association of Judges ; and the Institute for African Women in Law .
The breakout sessions addressed a number of different judicial integrity-related topics and allowed for interactive discussions , networking and exchange of expertise and experiences . The breakout sessions were a reminder that judicial integrity is a complex notion , touching upon many areas in the professional and personal lives of judges , court processes and delivery of justice , and that it is therefore of great importance for the Global Judicial Integrity Network to continuously monitor and address new challenges and trends .
The High-Level Meeting in Doha was a confirmation of the great achievement of the Network in creating a global community of judges and experts who are fully committed to the joint vision of building strong , accountable , and effective justice systems .
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