Network Achievements Report 2020 - Page 17

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The training sites have continued to be active and also innovative in delivering training courses despite the limitations for holding in-person workshops . For instance , Jamaica organized a virtual ethics training for judges , Ecuador requested all members of the judiciary to complete the judicial ethics e-learning course , and Cyprus held a face-to-face workshop adhering to strict social distancing rules .
To date , around 6,700 judges have been reached by the Judicial Ethics Training Tools worldwide , while there have been over 12,000 views of the e-learning pages . These increasing numbers are very encouraging and demonstrate the growth of the training programme and the broad applicability of the Judicial Ethics Training Tools globally .
With a view to promoting information-sharing and peer-support , two online meetings of training focal points were organized by the
Network – one in June on general experiences and good practices in the implementation of the training tools and one in October that specifically looked at how to train judges during the pandemic .
The meetings have been helpful for gathering many interesting insights about existing challenges and opportunities in judicial ethics training and have proven once again the dedication and willingness of focal points and judicial trainers to share their knowledge and know-how for the benefit of judges worldwide .
New features on the website of the Network have been implemented to promote opportunities for experience-sharing among training sites . The website has also continued to serve as a repository for additional training resources that might be helpful for judicial trainers in designing and delivering effective judicial ethics training courses .