Network Achievements Report 2020 - Page 14

G L O B A L J U D I C I A L I N T E G R I T Y N E T W O R K 1 0


The website has continued to be a leading global platform for judicial integrity , housing a vast array of interesting and innovative functions and services . In 2020 , the website was enriched with a lot of new content and functionalities to live up to the growing expectations and needs of the Network participants . Moreover , significant efforts have been made to promote multilingualism , including publishing written opinion pieces or recording podcasts in other languages , translating webpages to other United Nations languages , adding resources in additional languages , etc .
Six new podcast episodes and 21 written opinion pieces were published in 2020 . 15 of the opinion pieces were part of a new series of articles focusing on challenges to access to justice named “ Judicial Concerns in Uncertain Times ”. The podcast and views contributors come from many of the participating judiciaries , including China , Croatia , India , Lebanon , Malaysia , Mauritius , Micronesia ( the Federated States of ), Montenegro , the Netherlands , Peru , Qatar , the Republic of Korea , Serbia , Thailand and Uganda , as well from many partner organizations .