Network Achievements Report 2020 - Page 10

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New Updates and Progress
In 2020 , the Global Judicial Integrity Network finalized a new knowledge product on the role of judicial immunity in safeguarding judicial integrity and independence . The purpose of this paper is to provide a succinct , yet comprehensive , collection of the key messages on the topic . The idea behind the paper is that it can be used as a whole , but the key messages can also be extracted individually and used by judiciaries in a way that best suits their needs , for example as part of their public outreach or education efforts . The paper will be officially launched and published in 2021 .
Thanks to the continued support of the judiciaries of Brazil , China , the Dominican Republic , Lebanon , the Republic of Korea and the Russian Federation , the Non-Binding Guidelines on the Use of Social Media by Judges have been translated and published into Portuguese , Chinese , Spanish , French , Korean and Russian .
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