NETRA News March 2020 - Page 4

This will be the last (or next-to-last) president's

message that I offer to you before stepping down. I'd like

to say thanks to a bunch of people. As I've mentioned multiple

times in the past, every leader stands on the shoulders of those who

were before him/her. Chris Burton was the president before me and he led us through some tough but necessary decisions about getting NETRA's finances in order. The things that I chose to work on as president were all made possible by Chris's work.

I proposed getting back into the clothing biz to the BOD and it was a little bit of a tough call because the last time we sold clothing it ended badly; with lots of unsold stock. I asked the BOD if we could make some of our decisions online without meeting in person, and that helped us move a little more quickly when needed. We got more into marketing, a pro photographer, great series sponsorships from dedicated partners, improved web presence and social media platforms. There's a lot to be thankful for to the people who made lots and lots of small improvements that have moved us forward.

Additionally, as I always do at the banquet, it's important to thank the trailbosses. We've seen a steady, impressive increase in membership and ridership over the last 5-6 years and that's got a lot to do with the trailbosses emphasizing the rider experience and Competition Chairs like Andy Anthony and Jim Senecal making the tough decisions when needed.

Speaking of Jim. He's owed some thanks from me personally. How many times in your adult life have you been truly surprised? By adulthood, Christmas, birthday, and anniversary presents are usually well known in advance. Well, when I was coming on stage to give my address at the banquet, Jim gave me a huge surprise. This awesome Hellion Designs Klim F3 Carbon helmet as a thank-you from NETRA. Holy Crap! What a surprise! Thanks to Jim, Ryan Bottesi, Hellion Designs, Klim, Cody Buck, and Jerry Bernardo for making it possible. And for those of you who've asked..... Yes, I'm going to wear it!

President's Message