NETRA News March 2020 - Page 14

Is there anything about how HS signup or scoring work that you think most people don't understand or get wrong?

It certainly took some time for everyone to get used to all the changes that were made to scoring/signup over past several years, but I think at this point everyone is getting the hang of it. I credit most of that to the great job that NETRA has done with keeping everyone informed via social media and to our race veterans who I see every race helping guide new members through the process.

But if I had to impart one bit of wisdom it would be that you must pay BEFORE you sign up! That still gets them every time lol

You've volunteered to be the trailboss for the past four banquets. THANK YOU! There must be a mountain of details that go on behind the scenes. Tell us a little about that.

There is definitely a ton of work that goes into the banquet planning but I am more than happy to do it. Our racers and their families work so hard all season long so it’s super important to me that they have an awesome banquet where they can be recognized for all their hard work. Obviously the awards are one of the most important elements, so I usually start working on trophy proofs around Sep/Oct and I try to have a jacket order into Klim by late Summer. I spend most of Nov-Jan working on the program, organizing the banner orders, coordinating the jacket embroidery, and just finalizing all the odds and ends. After four years, I kind of have it down to a science and every year it gets a little easier. It also helps that I have a huge support system that I can lean on whenever I need to. A couple of the biggest supporters being Jim Blais and Dave Dussault who graciously volunteer to organize the Expo every year. They do an amazing job and not having to worry about the expo is a huge weight off my shoulders.

Anyone you'd like to thank?

There are lots of people that I owe thanks to! Huge thanks to Bill Riordan for teaching me how to score races, being my 24/7 tech support, and for fixing all the stuff that I somehow managed to break. My boyfriend Nate probably deserves an award in addition to a thank you. He is my rock and patiently supports me throughout the season and banquet. The biggest thanks are owed to my scoring team, these girls are with me through thick and thin and although we sometimes fight and get on each other's nerves, I couldn’t do any of this without them. Lastly I would like to thank my NETRA family, to everyone that checks in on us to see if we need anything, offers to help with the heavy lifting, or just comes by to chat and see how our day is going… have no idea how much you are appreciated!

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