NEST 2020 | Page 46

KITCHEN & BATH Time Will Tell This year, the Portland Group celebrates ninety years of business excellence. B Y K A I T LY N M U R R AY | P H O T O G R A P H Y B Y C H R I S VA C C A R O Back when the Portland Group was founded by Irving Rose and Benjamin Fox in 1930, homeowners did not pick out their fixtures. Plumbers would come into the store and pick out the standard sink, tub or other hardware and install them in a home without involving the homeowners or getting their input. On top of that, there were little to no options when it came to what fixtures were available. And so, upon the opening of its first brick and motor retail showroom, the Portland Group proved itself as a trailblazer of the modern kitchen and bath industry. Over the course of the next ninety years, the business has been passed down from generation to generation (now owned and operated by Michael Fox and Benjamin Rose) and has evolved into one of New England’s leading wholesalers of plumbing, heating and air conditioning. Nationally recognized, the Portland Group is renowned for its vision in promoting innovative products that create new opportunities. Its accomplishments are built on a foundation of strong industry and client relationships as well as their commitment to changing with the times, all the while simultaneously remaining loyal to the traditions that have made them successful. Today, the possibilities are endless at each of the company’s fourteen wholesale and seven retail (one Splash and six Spritzo) establishments in New England. Two notable retail branches include the recently renovated 10,000 square-foot flagship location, Splash, in Newton, Massachusetts, and the continually evolving Spritzo showroom in Providence, Rhode Island. Each has a wide array of fixtures, finishes and accents spanning every price point and every individual taste. Catering to both design professionals and retail customers, Spritzo and Splash feature the latest and greatest in bath and kitchen design from the industry’s top brands in traditional, transitional and contemporary styles. This on-site variety combined with the companies’ knowledgeable expertise, excellent customer service and innate ability to keep up with the latest innovations is what sets Spritzo / Splash — and the Portland Group — apart and will continue to do so in the ninety years to come, as well. ◆ SPRITZO, 333-330 Harris Ave., Providence, 401-519-5385, 44    RHODE ISLAND MONTHLY’S NEST | 2020 “When people walk into our showroom, they’re wowed by what they see and assume that they can’t really afford us, which is not true. Our wonderful team will work with you and provide you with endless options at every price point, for every style,” says Donna Zinckmoore, Director of Retail Operations at Spritzo Providence.