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In fact, Sabatino’s style stems from blending the outside world with the inside world. She strives to create visual interest by integrating natures’ beauty and elements into her designs. For example, she brought this home alive through the use of natural elements, like wool rugs, cotton sheets and linen curtains, the mixing of organic elements like woods and metals, and the recurrent placement of plants. “I feel being in tune with nature’s rhythms allows us to feel more in harmony with our homes and the world around us,” Sabatino says. “I firmly believe that surrounding yourself in an aesthetically pleasing environment is vitally important.” She also believes that the way we care for our homes and ourselves can largely impact our overall health and wellness as well as the environment. A new houselhold renovation, even if it involves just one small room, creates an opportunity to establish new and improved habits, whether it be devoting less cabinet space to plastic food storage or repurposing old furniture so it doesn’t rot away in a landfill. “I help my clients design their homes and workplace so that they are a reflection of who they are and how they want to live. I accomplish this through mindful communication, my professional design expertise and my commitment to being environmentally conscious,” Sabatino says. “I believe we can make not just beautiful rooms, but a beautiful world.” SMALL WAYS TO BRING BALANCE TO YOUR HOME FILTERS + FOODS Be mindful of what you put in your kitchen and in your body. A water filter by the kitchen faucet will ensure your water is free from toxins like lead, arsenic and mercury, while relying on EWG's dirty dozen and clean fifteen cheat sheets will allow you to feel good about your produce purchases. SAFE + SUSTAINABLE For ease of mind, make sure your Sabatino achieved the perfect balance through the incorporation of all five elements of Feng Shui — wood, fire, earth, metal and water — as well as the right amount of textures, shapes and colors to create a smooth transition between the indoor and outdoor spaces. laundry cabinets are free of synthetic fragrance, cover your walls with VOC-free paints and / or invest in a good air purifier for your home. REPURPOSE + REUSE To avoid unnecessary and wasteful landfills trips, repurpose old furniture or buy secondhand and have upholstered. On a smaller scale, try utilizing glass containers over plastic food storage or investing in a sturdy to-go mug rather than a daily drive-thru BALANCED INTERIORS, Narragansett, 401-640-1591, foam paper cup. ◆