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Batch tracking Each SOFTPEX ® hose has a marking on the sleeve to indicate its production location . Moreover , for each hose the component lots can be traced .
All hygienic approvals worldwide Around the world , the SOFTPEX ® inliner has been granted all hygienic drinking water approvals ; it is microbiologically pure and maintains drinking water quality in terms of appearance , smell and taste .
All mechanical approvals worldwide Any mechanical approval around the world can be achieved by the SOFTPEX ® hose ( no matter whether with SST or PA braiding ), with the combination of brass alloy , braiding and flow rate tailored to meet the specific requirements .
New : optimized dimensions / diameter Thanks to the new outer hose diameter ( from 10.8 to 9.8 mm for the DN6 , M8 ) 15 % less space is required in the faucet ( value applies to using two hoses ). Moreover , the optimized interfacing geometry enables an easy installation .
Excellent chemical resistance Inliner with strong resistance against additives in drinking water such as chloramines and chlorides .
Norm flow rates acc . to EN 13618 Exceeds flow rate required for EN 13618 despite smaller inner diameter .
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