NEOPERL Catalogue 2016 | Page 69

NEOPERL® Adaptors – reliable connections. A large number of top-quality NEOPERL® adaptors enable the installation of aerator housings in virtually all metric or US pipe threads (inch). The all-brass adaptors are given a high-quality chrome finish. The pictures show example models. male M22 ×1 × IG 3/8˝ male M24 ×1 × A 3/4˝ NEOPERL® Filters – we don't let everything through. Filters stop particles from the water getting into components and wearing or even clogging downstream components. They are often found in supply hose fittings or connections. Filters can be fitted in F filters existing pipeline systems for easy maintenance. They are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes and materials, and some have been granted drinking water approvals. H filters V filters The pictures show example models. For a detailed overview of all available filters, please visit our website. NEOPERL® service keys – our tools always fit. NEOPERL® service keys facilitate the installation and removal of aerators. They offer a means of avoiding unsightly scratches on chrome surfaces. Our range example of a single key not only includes individual keys, but also versatile multi-purpose or universal keys and tools for the professional plumber. example of a universal key The pictures show example models. For a detailed overview of all available service keys, please turn to the following page. tool box for professional plumbers A universal aerator service box containing high-quality metal keys and pliers. It also includes wrench sockets for housings without side flats. Accessories | 69